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Creating Flooring by Plywood Plank

At the beginning

Allison Young from Canada told us how she created a floor from plywood planks in her bedroom. She made it because couldn’t afford hardwoods.

It was a temporarily decision while she could afford plywood ones.
However at the final this project was so beautiful that she thought she might actually keep them for the long time.

At the end of this post you will be able to see how beautiful and pleasant space she arranged.
Allison began with ripping the plywood. She used a compact circular to saw each sheet into six 8″ planks.

After she cut the first plank, she used the straight edge from that one as a guide (clamping it down on the her about 90 minutes and finally she had got enough planks for covering the whole room’s floor board she was ripping).

So, she ripped 10 sheets of plywood.

Photo: Credit