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10 Impossible Kitchen Designs

Best I was thinking I saw everything on home decor and especially kitchen design, but when I saw this project I was literally out of words. First thought was – it’s ridiculous, but when I started thinking about the design and purpose I had to admit, that If this is already done, then someone must […]

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Vintage windows turned into wall decoration

It’s always interesting to see how ordinary objects can get a new life if they are reused. Vicky shared this amazing DIY idea that costs almost nothing and lets you create an unusual design to hang up on a wall in your home. Photo: Credit

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Scrap wood decorations

If you are into carpentry or you have ever had to buy and use blocks of wood than it’s likely that scraps of that are still lying somewhere around your house or garage. Unless you want to throw them away, here is a nice DIY that show how to transform unused wooden pieces into decorations. […]

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How to: transform a room into a music corner

This DIY comes to give an idea how you can get a new look for a room in your house you may not be particularly fond of. With just a few adjustments you can achieve a completely new feel to the space and make it look like new. Photo: Credit

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Arabesque blue tile backsplash DIY

If you have a counter area you want to spice up, then this DIY is just for you. The look is very interesting, yet it’s ready in just 24 hours and doesn’t require a handyman’s assistance. Photo: Credit

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