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20 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Practical solution!   Have you ever thought that most of our jeans, dresses, trousers, handbags and other lovely accessories can be easily kept right below the bed? This image reminds me it can be good to have the basics on display. We tend to take less time to dress with easy access. For small bedrooms […]

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20 Bathroom Storage Ideas Everyone Needs To See

Awesome! This bathroom with pastel blue walls is pure elegance and sophistication. A Roman shade offers light control and privacy and adds to the appeal of the space. Accessories add visual interest and charm and a bouquet of white roses – freshness, charm, and scent. However, what immediately grabs the eye is the custom storage […]

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Oh, Look! These Small Bathroom Spaces Are Definitely Charming!

Awesome! A delicate pristine white sink of simple, organic design makes a style statement in this chic powder room.  Chrome elements add sparkle, a framed mirror completes this space of minimal design. A set of two yellow vases complemented by a yellow towel adds color and visual interest. Simplicity can be so stunningly beautiful! Every […]

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