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How To Keep Your Cookie Sheets and Muffin Pans Neat

So what M.J idea is…

Cookies, muffins and small cakes are not only precious creations of fancy bakeries!

Our home is a fortress where real-life magic happens – we sleep, cook, rest, think, play and learn how to operate in this world.

Naturally, our homes become the most important places where are in tune with ourselves.

There are numerous amazing tips for creating harmony and peace at home, but today we will focus on something practical, adequate and truly efficient for your home.

By creating a positive environment we don’t only keep it neat and tidy around – we relate better to the spaces outside of ourselves.

Scroll through the slides to see how brilliant she re-organized it.

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21 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Kitchen pantry ideas 1Looks ordinary, but take a second look.

I originally thought I didn’t have space for a pantry like this, but I had an epiphany this morning and realized I can use my laundry room as a dual-functioning pantry! An exemplary good pantry that contains all the right perks – you don’t need a map to find anything inside. From top to bottom – all boxes and containers are aligned!

You can be as creative as possible to arrange all the jars, boxes and containers in such way that they are in the right place, easy to access and look nice.

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10 More Farmhouse Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

glass-rackPottery Barn Inspired Glass Rack

This would make a great project for someone who doesn’t have room for a full-size dining room hutch, or simply wants more space for drink ware.

Hello there! I have ten gorgeous organization ideas that can maybe ease your way around the kitchen. Flip through and see if you will get a practical idea that you can take, twist or tailor.

Ever thought of lining up your cups and glasses on a simple wooden rack? It can save so much space!

Photo: Tutorial

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7 Ingenious & Easy Shower Storage Ideas


Minimum Work, Maximum Results

Not everyone is a fan of DIY work, so here is a simple and effortless solution. Just add a few large metal clips and you have a very useful toiletries storage system for your small bathroom.

You can hang a lot of accessories on these clips. Not only the ones that you’ll need when in the shower, but you can also hang some underwear or small towel so that they are in reach. You can also use some other clips or hooks that could be attached to the curtain rod.

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21 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Storage idea 1Storage and rubbish!

Starting small usually makes for a great start.

It’s not a rocket science so you can start doing it right now. You will be amazed how easy and simple is to free more space in your home.

#1 on our list is a small hidden container right inside the kitchen that can do miracles.

Whether you use it as a garbage bin or to keep some items hidden, its privacy can be very useful. For example hiding sweets from the kids/or the adults.

Trash & Recycling storage is maybe not the most fun solution to talk about, but it is an important one.

Usually in small apartment, there is a small kitchen.

That being said, there is probably not a lot of counter space for you to work with when cooking or prepping any sort of meal.

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