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20 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Storage ideas never thought of 1Practical solution!


Have you ever thought that most of our jeans, dresses, trousers, handbags and other lovely accessories can be easily kept right below the bed? This image reminds me it can be good to have the basics on display. We tend to take less time to dress with easy access.

For small bedrooms where every inch counts, opt for storage beds because they offer plenty of storage. In this bedroom, a  plywood box storage bed is definitely a practical storage solution, which makes the space look neat and tidy.

Bedding adds color and visual interest to this eclectic bedroom with tons of personality.

You can put a lot of stuff in the compartments even though it should be very neat as you can see it. There are no cabinet doors, but you can always add them if you need to put something else inside.

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