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DIY – Fabulous Wreath

This year, I decided to make a few more projects for Winter than I normally do.

I enjoyed the sparseness of our home after I took down all of our Christmas decor – for about a day. 🙂

This wreath is so easy that even anyone who is “wreath-making-challenged” can accomplish the basic wreath. Add a bow or greenery as desired.
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10 Impossible Kitchen Designs


I was thinking I saw everything on home decor and especially kitchen design, but when I saw this project I was literally out of words. First thought was – it’s ridiculous, but when I started thinking about the design and purpose I had to admit, that If this is already done, then someone must have liked it.


It looks like the furniture is tufted and in cream glossy leather. I’m not sure , but these must be crystals all over it and I can bet they are Swarovski. Backsplash is also in the line of everything else – glossy and shiny.

The stove though is not good enough for this design, I’m sure they could get a better one – at least in the same color. What about the floor tiles – again, boring and cheap.

My honest opinion is – this design is made for someone which is not wealthy enough, but wanted to look like one. In the end – it looks cheap and grotesque.

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How to Turn Your Table Into a Farm Table

This DIY only requires a handful of supplies – basic sandpaper and paint.

Rustic and countryside décor is very big right now, trending from home decorations to wedding venues and here is a nice idea how to achieve the look with table and to transform it in a few  very easy steps.

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How to Easily Grow Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Beauty

When we speak of bonsai trees, we marvel at their beauty and may feel tempted to start growing them as well.

This is, indeed, a wonderful idea!

By creating bonsai trees so perfectly, nature is attempting to teach us about honesty, purity, beauty, light, and peace.

Nature’s mastery is spectacular! To the seeker of beauty and truth, this tree is an abundant resource of inspiration.

Bonsai trees are usually grown inside a container.

Stability, security and strong roots are essential when we want to grow these at home.

Vibrant colors please the eye and grace our health through their visual impact.

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13 Epic Led Light Fixtures to Stun You – Best Inspirations

The Finest Blue

Coordinating colors, lights, furniture and patterns is essential for interior design.

This turquoise room is an example of a balanced color scheme and a wonderful furnishing style.

You just wish you’d jump into that bed and feel amazing!

This vivid shade of blue is incredible, because it brings your eyes to life. Its vibrancy is opening them up.

A serene, fine and clear look that makes it worth to own or rent this home. The beautiful view does the interior its justice and compliments the whole spot.

The LED light fixture is one of a kind and reminds of Turkey.

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