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How to Propagate Hostas Without Breaking Your Back

HOSTA – non-exuberant but extremely decorative

At least one type of hosta should be in each garden, recommend gardeners specialists. Because around it, and with it, one can achieve such a decorative effect as it is obtained with a few plants.

Gardeners and landscape profesionalists love working with hostas because they are non-demanding for growth factors, beautiful and cold-resistant, equally well developed in shade and in bright sun and perfectly combined with most ornamental plants.
If you have an old plant, again in the spring – in April, you can divide the tuft and plant the hostas.

The division of tufa is recommended to be done in 4-5 years in spring or autumn because otherwise the plant grows excessively.

Planted young plants in the first year need regular watering.

The hosts develop well on wet, rich, neutral or slightly acidic soils.
Rhonda from Muscatine, IA talked us how she propagated hostas in her garden.

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