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How to Clean the Toilet with Natural Products & 6 Toilet Cleaning Tips

Easy, fast and so clean

A pediatric nurse from Orlando, FL, showed us how she cleaned her toilet with natural products.

It cost her only $5 and took her 20 minutes.

I think it’s good to listen to her advice because as a pediatric nurse she definitely has experience in fighting microbes.

How often do you open up the water tank of you toilet?

Do you know that it’s a breeding ground for hard water stains, mold, mildew and bacteria.

This woman advises us to clean the water tank to help keep our toilet bowl cleaner between uses.

Well, she poured one cup of vinegar into the tank.

After that she flushed over 2-3 times to rinse out the tank.

Do not leave the vinegar in the tank because it will start eroding your metal components.

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