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How to DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk?

Do you ever walk into your home office and feel overwhelmed?

Like a paper tornado spun through your room and threw documents, receipts, and work supplies everywhere? Yep, that is basically how I feel walking into my husbands office. If you are like me, it causes stress and anxiety walking into that mess. And also, like me, I’m guessing you are struggling to find the right desk for your space to help you feel more organized? Read on, dear one, because I will show you how to build the perfect DIY industrial farmhouse desk for a small home office.


Length of time for project: weekend, maybe two

Cost: $125

What you’ll need:

2″ x 2″ x 8′ boards (6)

1″ x 10″ x 10′ (2) and one 6′ board

1″ x 8″ x 8″ (4)

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Here’s how we made a DIY faux brick wall –

using brick veneer panels – and made it look pretty darn real…

What a transformation our guest room has had! Above is a Before shot, clearly. An adequate space for guests to sleep – but completely uninspiring. I think it’s fair to say it had no character.

The room has come a long long way. And one of our goals, along with making our guests feel welcome and comfortable, was to add layers of texture and interest to this supremely boring space. We’ve achieved a lot through our other basement makeover projects: Click here to check them out!

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DIY Project Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces

The tutorial that I bring to you today is a very simple one,

Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces using Dollar Tree Mirrors. Going to the Dollar Tree is like an adventure, you get so many things with which we can create and make accessories to decorate either for our home, our office or for that activity you are planning and want to do at a low cost.

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Totally Transformed A Guest Room!

Oh my word!

This room went from being my least favorite in the house to my absolute favorite spot. All it took was a little paint, a little paper, a whole lot of ‘brightening’ and some cozy and soft accessories. I must admit, I was working with some pretty good bones. The room is the smallest in the house and can basically only fit a queen bed and two teensy side tables, but the ocean view is million dollar.

Here’s what the room looked like when we moved in. It just felt so dark. And not at all like the coastal vistas just outside. My makeover started by addressing that. I painted out the pine wainscoting in a gloss white and then freshened the walls and ceiling in the same white colour, but in an eggshell finish.

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Jewelry Box Fixed With Bondo

I found this vintage jewelry box

that looks like a mini dresser. I absolutely adore it ❤ I came up with a refinishing game plan…a gorgeous green (Dixie Belle’s palmetto), with copper accents and metal leaf (full tutorial here ) I got started with my typical prep…clean, sand, fill, sand, clean. Then started to lay on the palmetto, two coats to be exact. Then I finally noticed a piece of molding was missing on one of the small drawers! It don’t know how it took prep and two coats of paint before I noticed 😄 My OCD wasn’t going to allow me to let it slide. If you’ve checked out my previous projects, you know how much I love bondo! I use this stuff all the time! And again for this problem. I was able to make a mold using one of the good drawers and use that mold to make the new piece of molding that I needed. Here is step by step how I was able to save this project….