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Jewelry Box Fixed With Bondo

I found this vintage jewelry box

that looks like a mini dresser. I absolutely adore it ❤ I came up with a refinishing game plan…a gorgeous green (Dixie Belle’s palmetto), with copper accents and metal leaf (full tutorial here ) I got started with my typical prep…clean, sand, fill, sand, clean. Then started to lay on the palmetto, two coats to be exact. Then I finally noticed a piece of molding was missing on one of the small drawers! It don’t know how it took prep and two coats of paint before I noticed 😄 My OCD wasn’t going to allow me to let it slide. If you’ve checked out my previous projects, you know how much I love bondo! I use this stuff all the time! And again for this problem. I was able to make a mold using one of the good drawers and use that mold to make the new piece of molding that I needed. Here is step by step how I was able to save this project….