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How to Make an Easy Tree Recycle Bin or Trash Can

Separate waste collection

To separate the recycle materials from other trash is important for every people.

We all create borscht but it doesn’t mean that the place to store it should look like garbage.

However we should be able to teach our children to make a difference between garbage and recycled.
Well, in this post a woman form Greenville, SC showed us how she made a tree art recycle bin.

At this way she also added fun and good look to her garbage and recycle store.

This woman moved to a bigger city where there was already introduced a recycling program.

So, she had to buy a new bigger recycle bin from Wall-mart (she also had a trash can).

She paid less than $10 for it.

But the real question is what did she do with it?

Keep reading to understand!

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