A Hanging Vase On Your Front Door You Can Make Yourself

Decorate the most welcoming front door

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The front door of each house is the first thing that the people see. The front door shows the personality and the family style. Sometimes it illustrates the character of the owners. The front door usually shows the home spirit . So, it is important how it looks.
Lynn Lilly from Atlanta, GA made an easy, cheap and fast door decoration and showed us how she created it.
She lost only 30 minutes, spent simply $5 and not so much hard work.
Lynn Lilly used the following materials:
32 ounce mason jar
8 screw hooks
1 piece of 8 inch x 4 inch treated ply wood
1 piece of 8 inch x 15 inch ply wood
White chalk paint
Black chalkboard paint
Thick bristle brush
Standard paint brush
Burlap ribbon
24 gauge galvanized wire
Sand Paper
Chalk (not pictured)

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