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10 More Farmhouse Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

glass-rackPottery Barn Inspired Glass Rack

This would make a great project for someone who doesn’t have room for a full-size dining room hutch, or simply wants more space for drink ware.

Hello there! I have ten gorgeous organization ideas that can maybe ease your way around the kitchen. Flip through and see if you will get a practical idea that you can take, twist or tailor.

Ever thought of lining up your cups and glasses on a simple wooden rack? It can save so much space!

Photo: Tutorial

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21 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Storage idea 1Storage and rubbish!

Starting small usually makes for a great start.

It’s not a rocket science so you can start doing it right now. You will be amazed how easy and simple is to free more space in your home.

#1 on our list is a small hidden container right inside the kitchen that can do miracles.

Whether you use it as a garbage bin or to keep some items hidden, its privacy can be very useful. For example hiding sweets from the kids/or the adults.

Trash & Recycling storage is maybe not the most fun solution to talk about, but it is an important one.

Usually in small apartment, there is a small kitchen.

That being said, there is probably not a lot of counter space for you to work with when cooking or prepping any sort of meal.

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12 Gorgeous Garden Ideas

1. Wonderland Walkway

Stone walkway garden decoration idea

Photo: Credit

Step on a path that leads to something beautiful.

With each step you take, take a moment to go deep inside and realize that you are the one receiving the wonders of this world.

Filter your dreams, breathe in the scent of the flowers and realize you are truly connected. All paths in life are one path as a matter of fact.

The place, where poetry lives is your soul. The spheres of everything gentle and pure are what make the home a home! Welcome to a wonderful garden, a vision of the purest, most truthful aspects of you.

This beautiful  stone walkway winds gently alongside a stunning array of flowers.

The greenery and flowers flow over the walkway just enough to give it an elegant, lived-in look. The arrangement of flowers and greenery, however, is still neatly kept and not overwhelming.


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13 Amazing Ways To Reuse & Recycle Old Kitchen Utensils

kitchen-1Ever think about dumping your favorite kitchen utensils?

1. Hanging Light Made From Old Cheese Graters

Think no more! Here are those 13 Creative ways to reuse them in a way you’ll be really amazed. Take a look at those ideas and let us know if you’ve got some better.
“Before you throw away that old soup ladle or colander you need to see these creative ways to recycle and reuse common kitchen utensils. Landfills grow larger every single day. The more you reuse old stuff instead of throwing it away the better, not only for your wallet but also for the planet.
Get ready to spark your inner DIY looking at this awesome list of creative ways to reuse old kitchen supplies.

Before spending precious dimes on more and more furniture or decorative items for the house, you may want to browse through some DIY ideas.

If you are unsure of the possibilities out there, take a quick look at these old cheese graters that were turned into chandeliers! Stunning, huh!

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14 Truly Fascinating Ways To Repurpose Old Wine Barrels

Adorable!Stunning space!

This old wine barrel coffee table is pure creativity! It adds so much charm and character to the space. An awesome way to repurpose a wine barrel! Actually, this space exudes so much warmth and coziness. A gorgeous area rug, a wine display rack, bottles turned to candle holders, and a potted tree add to the appeal of the room. Definitely enchanting!

As we don’t have a tutorial on this project we can only guess how it’s made, but it seems sturdy and quite stable. What we see as the hardest part here is to cut the barrel precisely in half. Another problem should be leveling so it could turn into a hard do-it-yourself project. Better to hire someone to do it for you. If you are handy enough you can do it yourself and be very proud of your project. The hardest part should be finding a wine barrel in good condition.

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