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Pastel Colors Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen doesn’t get a ton of natural light, so I have wanted to lighten up my cabinets for years. My original kitchen wishlist included new countertops, new tile backsplash, farmhouse sink, the list goes on. My husband, being the sensible one, had finally given in to letting me paint, but wasn’t keen on replacing […]

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30’s Liquor Cabinet Ready to Shine Again

I found this Liquor cabinet on Facebook marketplace and was super excited to start working on it!   it didn’t look like much but I knew it had lots of potential. I had picked it up at a mobile home park in Houston. When I saw that it was made in London I wondered how […]

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Ugly Stovetop Coverup the Memaw’s Way

I have scrubbed and scrubbed my flat top stove and it is clean but some marks just won’t budge! I also have a very small kitchen and limited counter space. I wanted something that was beautiful, unique and useful. I decided to make a stoveboard to cover and help with added counter space. I am […]

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Transform Broken Buffet

Sometimes repairing a furniture piece can cost more than buying something brand new and it can be more work than if you just built something from scratch. This buffet was one of those pieces. Linda reached out to us asking if we could some how make this buffet come back to life. It’s been in […]

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Remodel Rental Kitchen

Think you’re stuck with your rental kitchen the way it is and that you can’t do anything to change it? This rental kitchen remodel will change your mind! I had a $500 budget to inject some fun and personality in a generic rental kitchen and to make it more functional to prepare meals.

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