DIY Home

Makeover Awning

I don’t know about y’all but over here at my house,

we are in full spring cleaning mode! I’m so tired of seeing the same gross things that I’ve looked over because of busy-ness or laziness…or whatever excuse I could come up with. We are currently doing an overhaul inside our house, so I finally decided—despite the 35 degree weather we’re still having in New York—I was going to do a little makeover on our awning that hangs over our side door (the one we primarily use). This awning has been hanging since way before we moved in four and a half years ago, but it wasn’t really on my top priority list of things to change up until now; though, there are chips here and there on it from over the years, I think for the money I spent on supplies to give it a facelift, it was worth every penny. It sure beats shelling out $150+ for a brand new one right now!