Upcycle – Watermelon Wreath

April is Earth month and the perfect time to think

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about those upcycle projects! This cute watermelon wreath was made with tin can lids!

Crafting can get expensive – especially if you run a craft blog. So I save all kinds of materials to use in my projects. For this project, I used 14 tin can lids.
****Edit Added: I know several people are wary of using tin can lids because of sharp edges. I personally have never had a problem as I work with metal all the time. However, I understand this can be a concern. After this was posted, several people have left some wonderful ideas in the comments that could help with this concern. One idea was to use canning lids – love that. And another is using a can opener such as the one from Pampered Chef that does not leave sharp edges. ****

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