Easy DIY Bookshelves

Hi! It’s Andrea from Target + Tory.

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I love to DIY, whereas Shannon loves to BUY.

I knew our toy room was in need of a makeover when I could barely walk in it. The Ikea Expedit cubbies we had been using were NOT cutting it.
(When you are done here, check out the full version at http://www.targetandtory.com/diy-bookshelves-beginning-builder/)

THE DREADFUL BEFORE (don’t judge, lol)

I can’t believe that picture actually is out for the world to see. I made the kids go through everything and throw away / donate as much as possible (it’s always their favorite toy ever when we get to this point). I knew that we had some large items that needed storage, so I decided tall bookshelves would be the best decision.

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