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Amazing Bathroom Makeover

For the sink area, I first built a simple vanity out of pine wood and stained it a walnut color. For the legs I added galvanized pipes for a bit of industrial look.

After tackling all the larger projects, it’s time to beautify. I made a light fixture out of galvanized pipes too and this is to be the light for my vanity area. I bought 2 cheap pendant lights, dismantled them and used their ready-made wires and sockets for my industrial light.

For an added feature, I made a tall panel by gluing together 3 pieces of 4 inch pinewood and stained it walnut for the light fixture to sit on. After sorting out the wiring (with the mains off), and with the help of my 12 year old, I screwed the panel straight onto the wall.

Finally, to dress up the builder’s grade door, I added some moldings and painted it one shade lighter than wall. To get the “frame” appearance, I had to do a miter cut with each of the wood moldings manually as I didn’t have a miter saw. That was pretty challenging.