DIY Beadboard Easiest Way!

If you haven’t already guessed it…

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The beadboard is actually beadboard wallpaper, but it’s amazingly real looking… so keep reading and be amazed! (Here’s a link where you can find this wallpaper)
Prepping the walls is simply painting on pre-mixed wall sizing. Wall sizing, unlike it’s name, has nothing to do with the measurements of the wall. It seals the porousness of the wall, so that the wallpaper glue will adhere to the surface of the wall, and not just get sucked into the wall.
Funny story… This is totally true, funny, but sort of sad at the time… The very first wallpaper I ever put up was in 1981 for our baby girl’s bedroom. It was clouds and rainbows. I had no idea what I was doing. I asked at the wallpaper store owner for tips when I ordered it, and they said it was important to size the room first. So I measured it twice to be sure. Wah… Wah… Wah… Yup! I had no clue they meant something entirely different. And sadly, the wallpaper all began to fall off the walls the following day… the glue was totally sucked into the sheetrock and so the wallpaper had nothing to hold it up. My husband always says ‘No education is free’ and this one was the cost of the wallpaper plus! But I’m glad to say, I did learn from my mistakes and in the long run have made it back multiple times over, getting paid to install wallpaper for others.
Sizing the walls is easy, it is water clean up, and dries super fast.
Next, the tools:

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