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13 Awesome Shabby Chic Living Rooms To Dream About

Snow-white spacePure beauty!

This living room in soft whites is so bright, airy, and inviting! A delightful vintage coffee table  and a gallery wall add dashes of color, visual interest, and personality. Throw pillows, an area rug, a throw, and a wicker basket lend the space a textured look. Some old light painted cabinets can also add to the atmosphere and make it complete. Nice color combo.

Cut flowers bring in freshness. This space exudes so much elegance, coziness, and effortless style! You can think the white color is too much, but you can always add some more cream, beige or grey and give the room unique and warm look. There are plenty of decorations available on the market to redecorate it without making some major home improvements. The table is very nice with some small wheels to move around. Lighting fixtures could be farmhouse style or other rustic design for complete look of the area.

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