Photo/Quote Stand from Upcycled Candle Holder

SUPPLIES ⚫Candle Stick Holder (Brass and glass ones

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such as ours can also be found at thrift stores and dollar stores.) ⚫Primer Spray Paint (This might be optional but since I was painting glass and I had some, I used it.) ⚫Gold Paint I used Martha Stewart’s Metallic Gold as it has a true gold look. ⚫White Paint ⚫E600 Glue or glue of choice ⚫Bobby Pins, 2″ size ⚫Wire Cutter ⚫Round Wood Ball with Flat Surface to fit your dowel. ⚫Dowel 3/4″ Average NOTE: This can vary with your holder and some can hold a variety of sizes of dowels. I chose a 3/4″ size for mine but I could have gone larger or smaller.

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