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Makeover Shiplap Laundry Room

It all started when I tried to get a beach towel

off the only shelf available in that laundry room… a shelf that I could barely reach and when I grabbed the towel… everything under it came tumbling down on top of the dryer. I decided right there I needed a manageable shelf.
That’s how it looked. I decided that if we were taking that shelf down, we may as well make the room prettier. Shiplap is all the rage so I thought why not?! We purchased a sheet of plywood that we had Lowe’s rip into 6″ planks. They were installed one plank at a time. Luckily it’s only a 6′ wide wall. We do have 10′ ceilings in that room so it did take a few planks to get it done. The full instructions are here.