33 Lovely Reading Nooks for Ultimate Relax and Tranquility

Modern people are in a never-ending race with the clock. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to read a few pages of the favorite book or magazine while enjoying a glass of wine even it can be very relaxing after a long day at work.

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33 Lovely Reading Nooks for Relax and Tranquility

However, finding the perfect reading space might not be an easy task. Imagine reading on the living room’s sofa after a smashing day at the office while your partner’s talking on the phone, your kid’s watch a TV and your dog’s barking around. Doesn’t sound relaxing, huh? That’s why the reading nooks are getting more and more popular nowadays.

If you’re asking yourself what exactly is a reading nook – let me give you some hints! It’s usually taking up little space but represents your personal style at the same time. Plus, creating the perfect reading spot at home doesn’t necessarily requires lots of cash – sometimes all you need is lots of pillows in your own tiny corner of the world.

To help you get started, I’ve rounded up 33 fresh ideas for a cozy reading nook that would win every reading lover’s heart.

1. Reading Bay Window Seat

Great reading bay window reading nook with throw pillows and cushion, painted in white.

Photo: Credit

It’s not a surprise why the window seats are usually the most loved element in a home. They offer comfort and outdoor view. It’s a great spot to craft a reading nook as it offers lots of natural sunlight. Buy a bunch of stylish pillows and voila – you have yourself a great old-time reading space!

 2. Cozy bed/nook by the window

Cozy reading nook by the window

Photo: Credit

This is a great choice for a small bedroom or a studio flat with limited space. It is a bed and a reading spot in one with enough natural sunlight to read while enjoying your free time.

3. Attic turned into a snug reading nook

Reading nook where you can relax all day

Photo: Credit

It’s a true space-saver to create a cozy reading nook if there is a room with knee walls and a sloped ceiling in the house. Adding some vintage industrial lighting and simple pure color pillows can transform the attic into the ultimate reading corner.

4. Reading chair by the window

Reading nook in a mountain cabin, log decor


Photo: Credit

A comfy reading chair next to the window accompanied by a stylish coffee table and some candles can be your new most-liked corner in the house.

Is there anything better than reading the latest issue of your favorite magazine while enjoying the view outside? I don’t think so!

5. Bookshelf with reading nook

Small and cozy reading nook


This is a smart way to use the unused space at home – from one hand to store your books, from another one – to enjoy your privacy and free time. Lighting is an essential aspect to consider especially when there’s no window around.

6. Wooden built-in reading bench by the window

Woman relaxing reading a book in a wood cabin, reading nook


This is another great idea for a DIY reading nook for adults especially when the whole interior is wooden. It would be a crime to not use the space around these broad windows!

7. Part of the patio

Private reading corner


If there is not enough space to create your own reading spot at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t make one from scratch. Just choose a bit of the patio or porch, place your resting necessities nearby and try to make it cozy.

8. Outdoor reading nook

How to DIY your own reading nook


This is an incredible DIY reading nook for the warm seasons. It can be also used as an outdoor office or even as a summer bed. No doubt it’s the perfect spot to make you feel you’re on vacation even staying in your own garden.

As shown, it can be roughly roofed over with a blanket to keep you safe from sunburn.

9. Kidkraft bookcase with reading nook

Reading nook for kids to read and rest


Here is one genius way to help your kids fall in love with reading. To make sure they will like it – ask them about their own opinion and choose each of the elements together.

10. Stylish corner reading spot

Reading nook in a rustic decor with wood and stone


This is a great example of an elegant stylish library in the corner of the living room featuring tall windows and bookcases. In this case, you would be able to enjoy the sunlight and the outdoor view.

11. Contemporary window seating

Reading nook in grey tones


Here is a great example of a stylish contemporary decision of a reading nook in simple pure colors.

12. A dreamy DIY canopy reading nook

Canopy reading nook for kids or living room


If you want to make your kids a pleasant surprise, you should maybe consider this idea! This dreamy canopy could be made for less than 15 minutes and requires 3 items – cheap curtains, a spool of ribbon and 1 big embroidery hoop. In the end, you can add some soft cushions and fairy lights.

13. The small details make a difference

Great built-in window seat cozy reading nook


This is a good example of how the small details could make a simple window seat the most remarkable space not just in the bedroom, but in the whole house!

14. Convert the covered patio into a bright reading nook

Reading corner with a shaggy bed


If you think of an affordable way to refresh your home, consider converting the unused covered patio into a cozy bright reading spot (as shown above). It doesn’t require lots of money but it’s a great way to escape the reality…at least for a while.

15. Under stairs reading nook

Under stairs kids reading nook idea


Here is how you can create the ultimate entertainment and relaxing den under the stairs with a simple bench, a couple of cushions and some shelving.

16. The attic book nook

Amazing under stairs reading nook idea


This is definitely the perfect hidey-hole after an exhausting day in the office. Light a candle and treat yourself with a glass of Chardonnay and your most-loved book!

17. Simple home office space by the window

Bright window seat reading to nook to relax


Here is one simple but stylish idea how to differentiate your own space to work or enjoy a book by the window. It doesn’t take lots of space and you can use the daylight.

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