Invite Fall In Your House With DIY Felt Acorns!

If you are into easy yet pretty seasonal decorations, these 10-minute acorns are your thing. To get the look you will need just a handful of things – colorful felt wool balls, acorn caps, a mason jar lid, some decorative moss and a glue gun. Photo: Credit

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How To: Transform a Basic Wine Glass Into a Festive Candle Holder

Today we have Christmas festivities in mind. Joyce has shared this easy and quick DIY on how to make a jolly candle holder out of an otherwise plain wineglass. To get the look you will need a wine glass (obviously), some unicorn spit paint, Mod Podge glue, tape, Epsom salt, Sprits bottle, decorations of your […]

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Chevron Fall Wreath

Fall accessories are really trendy right now and this wreath design is really easy and cheap to make, yet looks classy and adds a touch of color to any door or wall. For this chic idea you need just a few supplies, namely a straw wreath form, some burlap ribbon in a chevron pattern, a […]

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How To: Transform Your Laundry Room

Ironing and doing laundry are from seldom a favorite for anybody but it won’t hurt to redecorate that corner and make house chores a bit more enjoyable. It’s very easy to make, takes very little time and limited supplies: and old ironing board, a can primer and can of spray paint,one funky wire basket, a […]

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Lady-like Teacup Wreath

Fancy china sets are one thing, but this idea shows how to take teatime to a whole new level, creating a beautiful wreath out of teacups. To achieve the look you will need: a strong wreath base (preferable one from a craft store), spray paint, some glue, fabric scrap and, obviously, tea cups. Photo: Credit

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